Business Presence

Business Presence Consulting brings the techniques and skills of a performer to professionals; be it in a business, academic or public service environment. From presenting – to simple personal interactions, developing a competent Business Presence can be used to great success by anyone who interacts with other people.

Business Presence enables you to deliver a great TED talk, to drive your point home at a meeting, and to effectively engage with co-workers and prospective clients. It builds trust with your colleagues and confidence in yourself – whether you are an executive, manager or part of a team.

Nicholas Cass-Beggs has 20 years of experience as a performer, having extensively trained and worked as an actor, dancer and singer. His Business Presence Consulting brings a wealth of physical understanding and applicable theatre skills and tools to meet the needs of business people and professionals.


Physical awareness and carriage

Use your physical presence to positively affect those around you.

Communication without words

Make your clients and colleagues feel at ease without saying a word and read other people’s signals.

Stage fright and confidence

Free yourself from performance angst.

Trust and team dynamics

Quickly build a rapport with others.

Empowering the voice

The voice is a muscle: be it’s personal trainer and master using it to your advantage.

Being in the moment

Be physically and mentally engaged, on target and ready for all situations.

Business Presence Workshops

Delivering tools for successful communication and professional Business Presence.

Business Presence Workshops are run with teams directly in ‘in-house’ settings, be it within the business or as part of company retreat or away day. Delivered as part of a set or on an individual basis, workshops cater to all types of staff groupings from senior management to sales teams. They are tailored to address the particular needs of each company, reflecting the type of business or demands of the sector.

Business Presence Workshops can include sessions on:

  • Developing your own warm-up – for the body, voice and mind
  • Understanding Body language
  • Physical awareness and carriage
  • Communication without words
  • Relating to and hearing others
  • Trust and team dynamics
  • Stage fright and confidence
  • Text: making it your own and bringing it to life
  • Staying on message, even when under pressure
  • Using and empowering the voice
  • From 1 to 1000 – connecting to your audience
  • Public speaking: from PowerPoint to TED talks
  • How Business Presence creates a positive image
  • Personal Presence

Learning is through hands on exercises and interaction, with emphasis placed on ‘experience’ over note taking (to aid this notes are sent out afterwards). Further to a workshop, personal coaching sessions can be used to address individual learning.

A free consultation is offered to discuss your workshop needs.

Individual Sessions

Business Presence coaching sessions offer bespoke individual learning, either as a follow-up to a workshop or standalone.

Sessions can cover and expand on any of the areas covered in the workshops or the topics below:

  • Presentation practice with direct feedback
  • Speech prep and drills
  • Highstake meetings and conversation prep
  • Networking

Masterclasses, Keynotes & More

Nicholas Cass-Beggs delivers Business Presence Masterclasses and Keynotes to suit your event.

Recent talks have included:
“Creating a positive image” (20min + Q&A)
“Relationship building through effective communication” (45min-1hr)
“Body Language” (Masterclass 3+ hrs )

Nicholas is an ambassador to the Federation of Entertainment Union’s (FEU) “Business Skills For creative freelances” platform and as a FEU tutor delivers a bespoke master class on body language.

Nicholas can also help with your facilitation/hosting needs (Meetings, Conferences, Events)


Nicholas held a fantastic business presence workshop at Planet First. The workshop was fun, engaging, informative and full of practical tips on presentation skills, effective communication and how to gain confidence in public speaking. All attendees found the course hugely beneficial and were praising Nicholas’ techniques, which helped to put everyone at ease.
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this workshop and we look forward to inviting Nicholas back to Planet First in the near future.

Lilly Miller – Finance Director at The Planet Mark™

Nicholas is an enthusiastic and entertaining presence mentor. He shares his experiences and gives the messages context. It was an enjoyable afternoon for the whole team and we learnt about ourselves and as importantly about us as a team.
Startups are about unifying people behind a vision and Nicholas’s workshop helped to bring us all a little bit closer together.

Neil Daly – Founder and Director of Skin Analytics

Nicholas gave an excellent talk to members of the London Southside Chamber of Commerce. Everyone to whom I have spoken thoroughly enjoyed the evening. They particularly appreciated the fact that he presented his information very clearly and in such a way as to make it interesting, informative and useful for everyone present. Members come from a wide range of sectors and some of them know a lot less about how to present themselves than others. Despite that, everyone felt they learned a lot from the evening, that it was informative, thought provoking and well worth attending.

Gerry MacDonagh – Executive Director, London Southside Chamber of Commerce

Nicholas came to work with my team on the development of their “presence” to improve impact in client presentations. He brought a unique energy, approach and his time with my team resulted in a direct improvement in their ability to be authentic and memorable. As a highly emotionally intelligent person Nicholas imbued the session with a sensitivity and fun element that gave everyone the confidence to contribute and experiment.

Maggie Buggie – VP and Global Head of Digital Sales and Markets at Capgemini

Nicholas provided coaching to me on a number of occasions. His coaching workshops are highly professional, engaging and deliver outstanding results both on an individual and group level. I recommend Nicholas coaching to any company and professionals seeking to embrace excellence as their new performance standard.

Francesco Casi – Global Solutions Director – Systems Integration, Atos

Nicholas ran a fantastic Business Presence workshop at Fujitsu for myself and some of my global colleagues – teaching us lessons from the stage to improve our voice projection and presentation skills. Too many people focus on preparing content versus preparing themselves and I’ve used Nicholas’ storytelling and body language techniques which have improved my own presentation skills to great effect. Highly recommended! Everybody should learn lessons from the stage.

Natasha Pergl – Marketing and Communications Lead – Fujitsu Global


Business Presence Consulting was created when Nicholas Cass-Beggs discovered how much fun and how rewarding it was working with business people; passing on the skills of a performer. The term “communication training” couldn’t encompass all the layers that go into not only being on point and firing on all cylinders, but also truly listening, reacting in the moment and connecting to your creative genius. For this it that takes a certain presence. A stage presence? A Business Presence.

Nicholas brings the skills and passion from over 20 years of experience as a performer to Business People. Nicholas’ career an actor, singer and dancer as well as working as a facilitator, delivering keynotes and variety of presentations to companies gives him a wealth of physical understanding and applicable skills.

Be it in the Boardroom, back office or front lines, the need to communicate effectively has never been as important as now. Centuries of theatre have taught us how to ‘tell the story’ in an authentic, engaging and concise manner. These are the skill Nicholas has adapted to the workplace.

Nicholas was born in Montreal Canada to English parents. Now based in London, Nicholas continues to work as a professional actor, performing on the London West End and throughout the UK.
You can visit his acting website at

Prior to becoming an actor Nicholas had a career as a contemporary dancer, working primarily in Germany.